About Us

Launched on the 17th of March 2012, the Old Anandians’ 2001 Group was established with the broad objective of actively participating in all development activities at Ananda College, promoting cordiality and liaison between Ananda College and its past pupils and promoting the professional and social wellbeing of and mutual fellowship between old Anandians.

 The Old Anandians’ 2001 Group currently boasts of over one hundred members and the number of members is expected to increase to over three hundred over the next twelve months.

 The Old Anandians’ 2001 Group plans to initiate and organize various development activities of Ananda College for year 2012/2013 and expects to contribute towards the fulfillment of the development projects and activities presently ongoing. In addition thereto, the Group also expects to actively participate in all of the development activities of Ananda College and other events initiated and organized by the Old Boys Association of Ananda College for the 2012/2013.